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july 5

DIARY OF A CON MAN . 44 (tags)

the diary of anne frank is commercial fraud

DIARY OF A CON MAN . 14 (tags)

anne frank didnĀ“t write her diary

Opponents of Corrupt "Trade" Agreement Stage March, Rally July 7 (tags)

About 200 opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the so-called "trade" agreement that has been negotiated in secret between government and corporate representatives, marched on the Bayfront Hilton Hotel in San Diego July 7 during the most recent round of TPP talks. The march and rally finished a week of events protesting the secret negotiations of a corporate-welfare treaty under the guise of "free trade."

Let us sail to Gaza (tags)


7/5: Town Hall Meeting - Closing Ceremony for the PJ Fest! (tags)

"Take Back the World! Take Back Our Community!"

July 4-5: Los Angeles Peace And Social Justice Convergence! (tags)

Final Events for the PJ Fest!!

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