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NJ Bill to Legalize Cannabis, Gov. Christie Threatens Veto (tags)

In New Jersey, Senator Nicholas Scutari has introduced a bill (S1896) that would tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol. Despite several deaths (Sabina Rose and others) resulting from the state's ineffective medical cannabis program, Gov. Chris Christie remains stubbornly in denial of the scientifically proven medical benefits of this outlawed plant.

5:30pm Minutemen march permit holder, Ted Hayes, arrested (tags)

Caller reports minuteman, Ted Hayes has been arrested for crossing a police line. Another MM was also arrested with Hayes. (Caller speculated that Hayes seemed to want to get arrested perhaps for publicity and possibly to sue the city.)

4:15 PM - About 300-500 people now blocking MinuteKlan at 43rd & Crenshaw (tags)

Caller from the scene reports hundreds from the community have joined counters and are still preventing about 45 minuteKlan from entrance to the park.

7:45 pm - Caller from park reports that the park is packed with people (tags)

7:45 pm - Caller from park reports that the park is packed with people. Mayor and City Councilpersons have spoke on stage calling for complete investigation into what happened on May 1st.

12:45 am – Downtown March now Estimated at 75,000 and Growing (tags)

Caller at 7th & Broadway estimates 75,000 marchers with more still arriving

12:10 pm anti-immigrant minutemen holding rally downtown now (tags)

Caller at Olympic & Broadway reports about 150 anti-immigrant minutemen there now planning to march sometime soon. Caller estimates about 40 counter protesters there who plan to dog the march.

4:00 pm Downtown Anti-Bush Protest Underway Now (tags)

Caller reports about 750 people from Pershing Square have starting marching through downtown.

About 200 supporters at farm now more needed (tags)

Caller reports 200 people on 41st Street & Long Beach Police pushing people west on 41st Street

A Phone call to the Fed... (tags)

How many Americans know about the scam called the FED?? Not enough!

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