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Radical Educator Bill Ayers speaks at Claremont Colleges (audio) (tags)

Audio of the lecture and question-and-answer session in MP3 format.

audio files for saturday LA IMC workshop (tags)

Audio files for the workshop on Saturday.

Right to Marry rally Nov 15 - audio montage (tags)

Five minute audio montage - sounds from the Nov 15 rally in Los Angeles against prop 8 and for the rights of all to marry (4.7 MB)

Audio clips from Oct 22 march against police brutality (tags)

Audio clips from Oct 22 2007 rally, march, and vigil against police brutality.

Audio from Manu Chao show: Clandestino! (tags)

Audio of Manu Chao playing Clandestino at LA Sports Arena!

Audio from Assi market press conference (tags)

Audio recording of this morning's press conference to announce the 1.5 million dollar victory of Assi supermarket workers in Koreatown.

Audio clips from M17 2007 march against the war (tags)

Audio clips of chants, songs, and music from LA's march against the war on March 17, 2007. Most clips under 1 minute, a couple are 4-5 minutes long.

audio de antiFox manifa / audio of protest against Fox (tags)

4 entrevistas y varios consignas de la manifestación contra el ex presidente Vicente Fox, frente el Music Center / 4 interviews and various chants from the protest against ex-president of Mexico Vicente Fox, in front of the Music Center.

Ron Kovics and Cindy Sheehan - audio (tags)

Audio of Ron Kovics and Cindy Sheehan speaking at the antiwar rally in LA on Saturday, January 27, 2007.

Audio: Peace Walk in Santa Monica (tags)

Audio: Peace Walk in Santa Monica, California

Audio: An interview with a member of Food Not Bombs. (tags)

Audio: An interview with a member of Food Not Bombs.

Audio clips from the giant anti-war rally (tags)

Audio clips from LA's biggest anti-war demo since the Vietnam War. Keep scrolling down to hear more.

Venice Peace March - Audio Report (tags)

Audio report from the 52nd weekly Venice Peace March on October 13, 2002. (runs about 1 min 58 sec. 1.12 MB at 80 kbps)

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