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Nobody knew China landed on the moon and Bill Gates (tags)

In 2020, China was the second and so far only country besides the USA that was able to put a flag on the moon.

The Great Narrative (tags)

The question arises: Why does such a narrative have to be invented, why does it have to be prescribed and enforced by a few powerful and rich people? Here, an agenda is despotically implemented and then colored with fine words, in which we have no say.

Media Personalities Must Be Convicted Too (tags)

Leaked footage and whistleblower confessions reveal how the criminal media, corrupt scientists and wicked governments strategically plan to deceive the public. A must see for the entire world... Those in media must be convicted too.


Watch explosive interview with Dr Zelenko: ‘We need to inform the world’ - Anyone, especially those who call themselves medical and health professional, who are pushing this covid-19 mask and vaccination agenda, are participants in genocide and crimes against humanity. For medical professionals, there is no excuse.

The Corona Complex (tags)

The seizure of power that we are currently experiencing must necessarily be a form of foreign domination. The population is not consulted on large-scale planning agendas, such as the Great Reset. We encounter this foreign domination, on the one hand, in the form of bundled interests of large power players

The American Court of Human Rights (tags)


Sacking NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson (tags)


The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group (tags)

Review: The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group By Daniel Estulin

the secret of all secrets (tags)

the secret of all secrets

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