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How NAFPS and Al Carroll Are Under Attack by White Racists...Again (tags)

Native Americans have been fighting for their spiritual traditions for decades against New Age cultural appropriation and commercial exploitaton. NAFPS and Al Carroll have been at the forefront, and for that, white racists have always hated them, slandered them, and demonized them. The good news is, the racists have always failed.

Stop execution by the state: Save Clarence Ray Allen (tags)

Clarence Ray Allen, a Choctaw Indian, faces execution in California on Jan. 17, 2006. Allen’s execution date is the day after his 76th birthday.  75-year-old Allen uses a wheelchair to get around.  His advance case of diabetes has left him blind.

Stop the Next Execution Now (tags)

Clarence Ray Allen, a Choctaw Indian, the state intends to execute him on January 19, in San Quentin.

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