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D-Wave of Canada is shipping 2048qbit Quantum Computers. (tags)

What can you do with a 2048qbit Quantum Computer?

Consensus 9/11: Seeking Truth, Dispelling Lies (tags)


Occupied Territory Gathering CA FAQ (tags)

Occupied Territory FAQ *Note: The meeting spot for the gathering on Friday June 18th has been changed to 3pm-5pm San Pablo and Belmont in Fresno CA. FNB feed, park located under freeway, ample parking.*

Workers Action Says: DEFEND IRAQ! DEFEAT IMPERIALISM! (tags)

Workers Action Says: No to Layoffs at Home, Bombs and Sanctions Abroad! Not A Penny, Not A Person To The Military! DEFEND IRAQ! DEFEAT IMPERIALISM! Two Years of Bush: Two Wars and Two Coup Attempts! Is the U.S. Planning Permanent War?

What Can you do when you have been Tear Gassed? (tags)

This is a wonderful instruction book that is part two of the other image called Tear Gas 4 Kids. To find that image, do a search on the LA IMC site and type in tear gas. you'll surely come up with the other article.

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