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Lider Maximo - Havana Tuesday Jan. 30, 2007 (tags)

Cuba's President Fidel Castro talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in Havana January 29, 2007. State television showed Castro for the first time in three months on Tuesday and the ailing Cuban leader said he was still in the fight to recover from surgery that forced him to relinquish power last July. Picture taken January 29, 2007

Spain Betrayed (by the anarchists) (tags)

For the first time in history Anarchists had the possibility of applying their theories on a grand scale. They enjoyed an unparalleled authority in Catalonia, the decisive and most industrialised region in Spain, and had the unconditional support of the overwhelming majority of the proletariat. The truth of a theory, like the efficacy of a remedy, is verified according to experience. What remains of the theories of Bakunin, Kropotkin and Malatesta [131] after the Spanish experience? For decades we Marxists have demonstrated the limited and petit-bourgeois character of Anarchist concepts.

Boletín nº22 de Behatokia (tags)

Una vez más os escribimos desde el Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos para informaros de que el nuevo boletín está ya disponible en nuestra página web, en la dirección Si habéis intentado ponerse en contacto con nosotrtos/as en el último mes, probablemente habréis recibido de vuelta vestros emailes, ya que hemos tenido problemas técnicos y no nos funcionaban los correos electrónicos y la página web tampoco estaba disponible.

Political Prisoners in Uruguay Again (tags)

What will happen tomorrow when workers demand their rights? What will happen tomorrow when stuednts defend their education? What will happen when all of us want a better world?

LAPD Chief of Police Bad News(amsellem) (tags)

On the past and recent record of LAPD chief of police William J Bratton

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