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Darrel Wood, Jr.: Queer Little Rock ’n’ Roller (tags)

Darrel Wood, Jr. is a 17-year-old high school senior in the conservative San Diego suburb of Santee, but the openly Queer rock musician has already been on two CD's with a former band and is about to release a new one by his current group, The Elephant Project. He's also headlining at the North Park Arts Festival in San Diego Sunday, May 17. In this interview, to which his mother accompanied him and also participated, he discusses his musical influences and the role of his sexuality in his life.

How I Won the War (tags)

"Wake it! Shake it! Drag it out and break it!" That was Ken Kesey in Sometimes a Great Notion. 1/9 The Queer Kennedys take the stage! Computerized voting? Sound the alarm in Zion!

Lost Ridge Trail Almost Completed (tags)

Trail Building in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Julio Carreras (h) : La novela del visionario (tags)

La novela Bertozzi es una aventura en dos planos: en objetivo y el mágico. Hijo de un capitán del ejército fascista, el intelectual italiano hereda una misión que consiste en restituir a sus propietarios originales un papiro arqueológico.

Led Zeppelin: the greatest TV commercial ever made (tags)

use of Led Zep song in Cadillac SUV TV advertisement triggers yet another rant from NOT BORED!

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