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Patronizing Citgo Gas Stations (tags)

". . . I was cautious because I knew that Citgo stations in Southern California are often affiliated with 7-11, which recently terminated the affiliation due to Hugo Chavez’s 'controversial' remarks about George Bush, Jr. at the UN. " /". . . Citgo sells motor oil in competition with brands like Pennzoil."

Action Alert: Thank Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for Speaking Truth to Power! (tags)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez calls the Devil by his current name George Bush and Democrat Party leaders show their true and yellow.

Join the Citgo BUY-cott! (tags)

Since gas prices have finally been rolled back(a little at least-and just in time for the Christmas buying season-amazing, isn't it?)let's put our petrol dollars to good use-buy Citgo gas and help fuel Democracy!

Buying gasoline help Venezuela (tags)

You can buy gasoline and help Venezuela

And You Can Thank 'Em At Citgo (tags)

A new film on all the things Venezuela's oil workers went through to get oil flowing again after a brutal lockdown

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