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peace forum

3 Women for Peace (tags)

Marianne Williamson, Medea Benjamin, Judith LeBlanc speak at the World Peace Forum.

Calif. Green running for US House speaks at World Peace Forum (tags)

International, Political and Academic Leaders Rally in Support of De Lear Campaign Prior to World Peace Forum Presentation; and endorse Green Party candidate Byron De Lear for US House, San Fernando Valley

National Stand Down Day (tags)

Call to action at recruiting stations across the country

International Peace Forum in Turkey (tags)

After an anti-war demonstration in Istanbul on January 26, 2003, a Peace Forum, organized by the Peace Coalition (Turkey) and Social Sciences Society of Bogazici University, Istanbul, took place in the University, with 11 participants from USA, England, Sweden, Yugoslavia, and Turkey.

'War is NOT the answer' - International Peace Forum in Turkey (tags)

Peace activists from Britain, Greece, Germany, Israel, Sweden, USA, and Yugoslavia are meeting in Istanbul to voice their opposition to the war plans on Iraq. The Turkish government has not yet given permission to the U.S.A for the use of its bases, and deployment of U.S forces.

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