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A letter to the President - The struggle for Communication II (tags)

We are all together on this ship in danger that is the planet Earth. There is no democracy without democratic communication. The governor Roberto Requiao sent a letter to President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva. In the document, Requiao says that the Government of ParanĂ¡ officially supports the implementation of the National Conference of Communication. Photo Julio Covello-SECS-PR

Beginning the Discussion on Goals and Strategy - SCAF (LA) (tags)

Beginning the discussion on Goals and Strategy [and structure] -- Southern California Anarchist Federation (Los Angeles Chapter)

CIA Operation Against Cyprus IndyMedia (tags)

Please Repost to all IMC's

Cascadia Media Collective Presents... (tags)

The Cascadia Media Collective's newest film, Guerrilla Video Primer, will rock your heart, head and body.

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