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peace resolution

Comments on Palestine's UN Failure (tags)


PLO Security Council Statehood Bid (tags)


Sweden Recognizes Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Sham Peace Talks Continue (tags)


Palestine to Join 15 UN Bodies and Treaties (tags)


World Bank Opposes Palestinian Sovereignty (tags)


Israeli Settlement Construction Jeopardizes Palestinian Statehood Plans (tags)


Abbas, UN Membership and Peace Talks (tags)


Anti-Defamation League Assails Palestinian UN Membership (tags)


Palestinian UN Membership Roulette (tags)


Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill (tags)


Calls to Annex West Bank Settlements (tags)


Obama and Netanyahu to Palestinians on Statehood: Go to Hell (tags)


Implications of Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Lawlessness and Injustice Define America and Israel (tags)

rogue states

Israel's Operation Summer Seeds (tags)


Washington Threatens Palestinian Statehood Bid (tags)


Follow-Up Comments on Palestinian Statehood Vote (tags)

Palestinian statehood

General Assembly Palestinian Statehood Vote (tags)


New York Times Opposition to Palestinian Self-Determination (tags)


Palestinian Divisions on Statehood (tags)


Global Human Rights Groups Protest Slaughter in Gaza (tags)

Israeli genocide

Francis Boyle's "Palestine Palestinians and International Law" (tags)

Boyle's powerful case for Palestinian self-determination.

URGENT: UN Debating Stopping War TODAY! Please CALL and/or FAX them NOW! (tags)

An Emergency Session of the Security Council has been called today Wed, March 26th, 3 p.m. They will invite testimony from all UN 191 members, and could vote on a resolution demanding immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq. If they Invoke Res. 377, "Uniting For Peace" they may be able to stop war--which was done in Suez Crises in the 50's. Please Email and/or Fax NOW UN countries now!

Greenpeace: Momentum Builds for New UN Peace Resolution (tags)

Demands for a UN emergency session are on the rise! 32,015 of you have written to UN Ambassadors around the world. You've sent 29,700 E-cards to friends, colleagues, fellow students, and family members. This is an extraordinary response in a very short time, and what do we want??? MORE! Please re-post onother indymedia sites.

Stop Israeli Genocide against the Palestinians! (tags)

Of course I have great respect for Palestinian negotiators. They have done the very best they can negotiating in good faith with the Israeli government that has been invariably backed up by the United States. But there has never been any good faith on the part of the Israeli government either before, during, or after Oslo. The same is true for the United States.

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