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Anti-Syrian Media Bias (tags)


Torture by Design: Saying No to the Architecture of Solitary Confinement (tags)

Friday, August 16 marked the 40th consecutive day of a multi-ethnic statewide prisoner hunger strike initiated from inside the Security Housing Unit (SHU) of California's Pelican Bay State Prison. As the horror of solitary confinement comes under increasing scrutiny in the US and around the world, human rights activists are confronting this public health and safety epidemic from a variety of angles. One group, called Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility has challenged solitary confinement in US prisons by recently launching a petition asking the American Institute of Architects to amend its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to prohibit the design of spaces for killing, torture, and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Washington Post Anti-Bolivarian Propaganda (tags)


Lies, Damn Lies and Major Media Scoundrel Journalism (tags)


Pack Journalism Anti-Gaddafi Propaganda (tags)

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