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Toronto activists expose Peña Nieto’s role in the violations of human rights in Atenco (tags)

Toronto, June 16^th . A group of activists denounced today Enrique Peña Nieto, governor of the state of Mexico, for having ordered a police raid on the villagers of Atenco, on May 3^rd and 4^th , resulting in the dead of two youths, the rape of 30 women, the beating of more than 200 detainees. Peña Nieto was in Toronto for the Metropolis conference of the World Association of Major Metropolises, which is made up of delegations from across the world.

Latuff is anti-Semitic, according IMC NYC moderator (tags)

Now it's clear why Israeli bus cartoon was "hidden" on IMC NYC. It's anti-Semitic, according anonymous moderator. In his/her own words: "You've been banned from the Indymedia's of three different countries, though unfortunately not NYC, for your perceived anti-semitism."

Notes on the proceedings (tags)

Come prepared. How to give input during this organized forum.

Slashdot Users Defy Censorship (tags)

In what approximates a "user revolt" against editors at the online community, a moderator-critical threat has become one of the most popular in history despite the editorial "bitchslap of the century".

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