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Jeremiah: True Prophets and False Prophets (tags)

Jesus says to us: there is something greater than your heart and your head. I call it: God's reign. Happiness and fulfillment can be found beyond the borders of your life. The word of God comforts hearts without shattering rocks. Jorg Zink has been a German pastor for 50 years.

Post-Capitalist Civilization (tags)

The way is long and not easy, but another world is possible, necessary and urgent. New values and new logics must lead our lives, changing the social and economic structures and also our behavior. Dialogue must replace violence. Corresponsibility must replace imposition.

Theological Reflections on Econmic Values (tags)

"The quality of a society is measured in its relations with the weakest..The economy exists for the sake of people..God's economy aims at the survival capacity of planet earth and its people..Our life is connected with all life.."

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