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The fate of the people, the planet, and the Outer Continental Shelf (tags)

If we created a social safety net to sustain us, people, we might sustain the environment, instead of behaving desperately and destructively, by chasing wealth, or working at environmentally destructive jobs, out of fear for our very survival and that of our families.


“Soñamos nuestro pasado y recordamos nuestro futuro” Exigir la despenalización de la hoja de coca.

Continental Social Alliance decides its own re foundation (tags)

Gathered in Quito, at the Americas Social Forum, the Hemispheric Council of the Continental Social Alliance has decided to remove the opposition to the FTAA from its foundational declaration, as one of its main goals. After analyzing the international scenario as well as evaluating the impact of its actions, delegates from all the American countries and the most important social organizations of the continent, decided the “fight against the FTAA” would become a “fight against free trade”.

Demonstrations against the FTAA in the entire continent will increase (tags)

The possibility of create an opposition front to the FTAA that includes some Latin-American governments and the increase of popular demonstrations will be main issues of discussion in the 3rd Hemispheric Encounter against the FTAA, that is having place in Havana, Cuba.

Draft Proposal for a Continental Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist Network (tags)

On this tenth anniversary of the emergence of the Zapatistas from the Lacandon jungle, we call for the formation of a continental anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist network for North America. Our movements for liberation and freedom have met many challenges and our resistance continues to grow. It is now time to organize ourselves better through a de-centralized continental network of anti-capitalists

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