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Chicago's teachers end strike (tags)

The ChicagoChicago Sun-Times is reporting that the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates voted Tuesday to end its seven-day strike. This means that classes will resume on Sept. 19 (Wednesday) for the country’s third largest school district’s 350,000 public school students.

September Surprise in Chicago (tags)


Chicago Teachers Union Sellout (tags)


Capitulation in Chicago? (tags)


Chicago Teachers v. Rahm Emanuel (tags)


Free speech in Chicago? (tags)

Choicago teachers assert 1rst amendment rights

Teachers and their union fight for public education (tags)

CHICAGO – Children’s paintings hang on the walls in the lobby of the Chicago Teachers Union office. It’s comforting for parents to see schoolkids’ artwork framed and on display.

Chicago teachers (tags)

An open letter to Chicago Public School teachers

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