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Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico (tags)

Call it NAFTA on steroids.

New Orleans North American Leaders’ Summit: Misrepresentation in SPP Joint Statement (tags)

Bush, Calderon and Harper, in their April 22, 2008 Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement statement emanating from New Orleans made spurious claims. They claim that “they are committed to democratic government, the rule of law and respect for individual freedoms”.

Protesters Out Police Provocateurs at SPP Protests (tags)

Sound Famaliar? Cops masquerading as thugs attempt to turn peaceful protest into melee. This time they are succesfully outed. All caught on video. From stop the SPP protest in Canada in Montebello Quebec

Challenging the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) (tags)

The SPP is anti-democratic. The SPP is the political manifestation of a corporate plan for economic and security interests that was never voted on in any society.

Bush administration's North American Union SPP plan reveals a totalitarian agenda (tags)

The SPP, is basically an ominous "merger" of the largest corporations in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, with the governments of these societies, further backed with U.S. military and comprehensive police enforcement. The so-called Montebello summit of North American leaders, was a mere dress rehearsal of a clique of well-documented Neo-Nazi interests that seek to create a fascist state. In the Neo Nazi sponsored NAU, the people will have what American colonists referred to as "taxation without representation",with added oppression.

The Militarization and Annexation of North America (tags)

NAFTA on steroids enforced with an iron fist

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