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Masturbatorium de capitalisation (tags)

Quand le nucléaire est roi...

Retour de la colonne Durruti (tags)

Que le mensonge devienne mortel...

Dissymétrie symétrique (tags)

Symétrie asymétrique...

Dissymétrie symétrique (tags)

Symétrie asymétrique...

Phony Claims About Syria Retaining Chemical Weapons (tags)


Global wheat prices soar to new highs (tags)

Compared with initial forecasts of a near-record crop of up to 26 million tonnes, dry weather has shrunk expected output to 20-22 million tonnes, according to industry forecasts. reuters

The UN calls Northern Alliance "main opium producer" (tags)

AFP, Oct.6, 2001 story featured at the RAWA site.

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