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U.S Election 2012: Alexander and Mendoza Gives Perspective on US Jobs Situation (tags)

“We aren’t making economic progress,” says Stewart Alexander, Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party USA, “we are simply going through a long term process of replacing poorly paying jobs with even worse jobs while corporate profits soar. The only ‘change’ Obama has given us jingles in our pockets.”

Presidential Candidate Alexander Wants Unemployment Benefits Extended Indefinitely (tags)

If elected president in 2012, Alexander says his administration will support the provisions of a livable guaranteed annual income. A Guaranteed Livable Income would be an unconditional and universal income administered by the federal government and granted to individuals to ensure that no person’s income falls below what is necessary for health, life and dignity.

Reconocen a empresa de Grupo Pellas por excelente trato a colaboradores (tags)

Ministerio del Trabajo reconoce ambiente de trabajo seguro y saludable y centrales sindicales señalan beneficios a trabajadores más allá de lo que la ley establece

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