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Censorship On The Network (tags)

The message that came up on the D.C. IMC today when I went to publish an article


Here are 3 articles posted by Truthout on the Oct. 7 raid, in the UK , on the servers of Global Indy Media and several local IMC's, apparently instigated by one IMC's posting of a photo of an undercover agent in Europe.

Bush Nazi Know-how (tags)

Too stupid to know.

Bush Nazi Salvation II (tags)

Save your dummkopfs?

Bush Nazi Salvation (tags)

Dummkopf salvation.

II Bush Nazi Propaganda by B. Meade (tags)

Can any good come of it?

Bush Nazi Propaganda (tags)

Can any good come of it?

The Bush Nazi Psyche by B. Meade (tags)

How Nazi buffoons survive.

Bush Daddy Does Monarchy (tags)

It's enough to make you larf.

The Bush Dynasty (tags)

Had enough yet?

Bush Daddy's Feebleness (tags)

A dummkopf ploy.

Bush Daddy Innocence (tags)

It's a rare thing. Note: I was blocked from accessing LA IMC yesterday.

Bush Daddy War (tags)

Better than before!

Bush Daddy Hunt (tags)

To teach them the error of their ways.

Bush Daddy Terror (tags)

Terrorism with a smile. Note: I was blocked from posting LA IMC last night.

"Elijah is Here!" 12/95 (tags)

Censored "gems" from the Messenger's portfolio.

Bush Daddy Crop (tags)

It's like Bush Daddy was farming poopheads.

Bush Daddy Brilliance (tags)

Deh make dark stuff look bright!

Bush Daddy Prophecy (tags)

To be a King or some other damn thing.

Bush Daddy Spam (tags)

Stupid postulations about and by morons.

Bush Daddy Arguement (tags)

It's another trick!

Bush Daddy Crime Report (tags)

The power of lawlessness grows!

Bush Daddy Village (tags)

It took a Serpent (132033)!

Bush Daddy Looks Under His Skirt (tags)

Why that's proud John Dryden!

Bush Daddy Macing (tags)

Mace leave no trace?

Bush Daddy Ramifications (tags)

Never-ending criminal stupidity!

Bush Daddy Pardons (tags)

Pardon their stupidity?

Bush Daddy Death Trip (tags)

It'll be the end of them! Note: LA IMC has severe problems with hackers, for I was blocked totally from reposting my last article.

Bush Daddy Dummkopfs (tags)

Dummkopf Nazi you?

Bush Daddy Worm (tags)

There's worms in the works!

Bush Daddy Religion (tags)

It's stupidity!

Bush Daddy Branch (tags)

It's a foolproof plan!

Bush Daddy Honestly (tags)

Bush Daddy Tribe uncensored! Note: I couldn't find this article listed. Could have sworn that I posted it here.

Bush Daddy Honestly (tags)

Bush Daddy Tribe uncensored!

Bush Daddy Country (tags)

It spread like a "Serpent"!

Bush Daddy Militancy (tags)

Beware the smiling militant!

Bush Daddy Realizations (tags)

What a fool believes!

Bush Daddy Alert! (tags)

Beware the calamity that arises from Bush Daddy!. Note: "Perpetual War" is good; but consider that WW II is still going on with the "closeted" Third Reich.

Bush Daddy Backfirings (tags)

More stupidity for them to cover up.

Bush Daddy Communications (tags)

It's spin control to an extreme!

Bush Daddy Snare (tags)

It's their own game turned against them.

Bush Daddy Productions (tags)

They could sweep the ratings!

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