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Bush Nazi Salvation II (tags)

Save your dummkopfs?

Bush Nazi Salvation (tags)

Dummkopf salvation.

II Bush Nazi Propaganda by B. Meade (tags)

Can any good come of it?

Bush Nazi Propaganda (tags)

Can any good come of it?

The Bush Nazi Psyche by B. Meade (tags)

How Nazi buffoons survive.

Bush Daddy's Feebleness (tags)

A dummkopf ploy.

Bush Daddy War (tags)

Better than before!

Bush Daddy Headache (tags)

The headaches backfires.

Bush Daddy Hunt (tags)

To teach them the error of their ways.

Bush Daddy Crop (tags)

It's like Bush Daddy was farming poopheads.

Bush Daddy Brilliance (tags)

Deh make dark stuff look bright!

Bush Daddy Prophecy (tags)

To be a King or some other damn thing.

Bush Daddy Arguement (tags)

It's another trick!

Bush Daddy Village (tags)

It took a Serpent (132033)!

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