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: GOP Congressman Tim Murphy of PA Seeks To Criminalize Mental Illness (tags)

Congressman Tim Murphy is a pawn of international drug cartels. His legislation seeks to remove the right of a prisoner or psychiatric patient to refuse medication.

Bernie Sanders Event Photos, Please (tags)

A plea for some photos, and an explanation about licensing.

Disturbing Obamacare Surprises (tags)


Obama's Healthcare Fix (tags)


Kaiser "Medical" Advertises at Olympics; British celebrate socialized medicine (tags)

As we sat watching the endless garbage expensive advertising on American TV while waiting for something called the Olympics, we saw an allegedly non-profit Health Maintenance Organization, Kaiser Permanente, advertising itself as a promoter of the Olympics, while charging us $705 per month just to be a member in the 60-64 age group, plus $25 to see a doctor and $10 for each lab test. Meanwhile, the British celebrated their National Health Service in the Opening Ceremony history lesson, which was preceded by celebrating labor in the history of modern agriculture and the industrial revolution.

Los Angeles is Expensive (tags)

What's it cost to live okay in LA?


Today voters need to beware when going to the polls to vote because much is at stake. Voters need to study the propositions and read their Official Voter Information Guide; and for those who will not, they need to vote no to spending their hard earn dollars and the future savings of our children. Voters should not be persuaded by expensive TV commercials because those commercials are more expensive than what we can realize.

Kleptocratic States of America (tags)

"Cronyism is an important factor in the Iraqi debacle. It's not just that reconstruction is much more expensive than it should be. The really important thing is that cronyism is warping policy: By treating contracts as prizes to be handed to their friends, administration officials are delaying Iraq's recovery, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Climate Change Endangers Growth of World Economy (tags)

"The solar architect Rolf Disch in Freiburg sold the first solar-energy-plus houses that produce more energy with the help of the sun than is consumed in these energy-houses. Every homeowner becomes an energy-seller. Economy and ecology harmonize.."

Hard facts ! (tags)

CIA facts I


Maybe social problems are not important enough to our politicians. Maybe it's better to choose the expensive way...(!?)

The Final Day: A Look at What Made Campaign 2000 the Most Expensive Ever (tags)

Election Day ends the most expensive campaign cycle in U.S. history at an estimated $3 billion. Bush raised over $100 million by the end of the primary season, a record. Soft mony has topped $250 million and will probably double that amount by the end of the cycle--more then 40% of party totals, up dramatically from 1992’s $50 million, just 18% of parties’ fund-raising.

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