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a coward

Bush still a coward (tags)

Same as before

State of the Union address (tags)

Bush draft

Bush having nervous breakdown, again (tags)

He thinks Barney is President, now.

Bush is a coward. (tags)

Once a coward, always a coward.

Reagan: more proof only the good die young (tags)

While the media is being oh so careful not to criticize Ronald Reagan and his legacy after his death last weekend, Greg Palast offers a reminder of his real legacy: he was a conman, a coward, and a killer.

pResident Bush & his Dad are both card carrying cowards. It's in their blood. (tags)

Papa Bush, like his stupid, monkey-faced son, was also a coward. Now we know where pResident George got his yellow streak: it's in his genes.

A Nation Of Cowards (tags)

We have seen this from the worst of world leaders before, the Stalins and Hitlers, and though our president may not rise to the same level of evil, he resembles them uncomfortably. They are the leaders that did what they did and smirked and swaggered while they did it because they were essentially cowards too.

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