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esposito spartaco conferma Saba - 37 anni prima.


vitalone complice dell´assassinio di Moro

REO A RIO (tags)

pietro mancini carogna schifosa

CHE 1 and 2: A Movie Review (tags)

Che movies are becoming the guide posts of my personal journeys - an assumption that I'm sure my fellow travelers will understand and if you're like me who was swept away by Guevarra's romanticism at a very young age, I bet you can book end your political life with distinct adaptations of the "guerilleros" life. At least mine has to be moved a tad to the right to squeeze in another chapter - I saw Soderbergh's Part 2 last night at Sunset Plaza in the Westside.

Che Clooney (tags)

Che Clooney is

CHE, PORQUE? (tags)

Che is not the hero that history has portrayed him to be, nor is Cuba the shining example in the struggle for revolutionary transformation.

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