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LulzSec hacks Arizona State Police computers (tags)

The hacker group LulzSec hacked the Arizona DPS computers over SB1070 & Drug War. The Arizona DPS or Arizona Department of Public Safety is the state police agency of Arizona

Michael Meiring mark 2?: Ken Haywood and the bombings in Ahmadebad (tags)

People may recall the curious case of Michael Meiring, who in 2002 was found to have had a bomb in his hotel room in Mindanao Philippines. It blew up and he was sent to hospital before being spirited away by the FBI. Now meet Kenneth Haywood

Most Likely To Hack the FBI (tags)

The FBI's public email system, the one they use to contact the public and law enforcement, was hacked. Who is the most likely candidate for such an operation?

AHHHHH...The beauty of Islam (tags)

Stoneage? You bet!

Focus on the Global South website hacked (tags)

website hacked - a random event?

RIAA News Release Pages Hacked (tags)

Guardian UK reported that the news ticker for and got hacked yesterday and original content poured in from all over the world for a few hours.

Army hacked handicapped man to death (tags)

A Colombian army patrol hacked a 34-year old man with Downs’s syndrome to death with a machete in the village of Santiago Perez. Possible motive: vengeance

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