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Business As Usual Triumphs in Greek Election (tags)


Greeks Without Choice in Sunday Election (tags)


Greek PM Calls Snap Elections (tags)


Greece demonstrate (tags)

At the end of yet another «historic» marathon session Brussels negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors, a «definitive» agreement has yet again been found to «resolve" the Greek crisis: Greek Prime Minister Tsipras and his team have come to accept as a condition for new loans to the virtually bankrupt Greek government, a plan of austerity measures significantly harsher than he had rejected a week earlier and against which he had, supposedly, held a referendum! The only point where he apparently got something concrete, is that of the reduction in military spending: the creditors have accepted that it is weaker than what they asked for...

Sellout in Athens (tags)


Troika Intends Starving Greece Into Submission (tags)


Greek Election: Mixed Messages, Hold the Cheers (tags)


Destroying Greece to Save It (tags)

class war

Differences Between Maoism & Marxism-Leninism (tags)

You can vote as bankers dictate, but is that democracy? (tags)

Officials of the European Central Bank and the European Union apparatus quickly served notice that the pressure is not off by demanding the formation of a government to their liking.

Fraud at the Polls (tags)


European Electoral Postmortems (tags)


Deepening Greek Tragedy (tags)

class war

Financial Oligarch Power Raping Greece (tags)

class war

The revolution is begun ! (tags)

“ The new and definitive road of the economic and social competition “ Is born the first great ideology of the millenium! Is born the anticompetitivist ideology of the "full effective and obligatory employment (of all the families) for law", of the successive and innovative historical phase regarding the Socialism

The New Corporate Liberation Theology. Part 1 (tags)

The US government has privatized and sold whole sectors of the Iraqi economy. Economic policy and tax laws are rewritten. Foreign firms can now buy 100 percent of Iraqi firms and export the profits. This is a blatant violation of international law...

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