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THE JESUS LIE . 13 (tags)

jesus my eye

THE JESUS LIE . 12 (tags)

jesus is fiction

THE JESUS LIE .10 (tags)

jesus never was

CDC Lies In Calling Cigarettes The Number 1 Cause Of Preventable Death (tags)

Since its founding in 1946, the CDC has by censorship, distortion and falsehood hidden the cause of the majority of deaths in the US which is the consumption of animal and fish cadavers as well as eggs and dairy products.

Lightning Definitely NOT Cause of US/Can Blackout (tags)

A study of National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration radar images for upstate New York and the New England region shows that no thunderstorms have been in that area this evening, and there have been no rain events in the Niagara Falls-Buffalo area in the past 48 hours.

Lightning bolt zaps tongue stud (tags)

This gives new meaning to "Fashion to Die For."

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