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prompt global strike

Kiev's Junta Forces Terror Bomb Donbass (tags)


US Escalates Confrontation with Russia (tags)


Prearing for War Opposite Ways (tags)


Obama's Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax (tags)


America's Grand Strategy: Militarizing Space (tags)

America plan war from space

Look Out, Obama Seems to Be Planning for a Lot More War (tags)

"econd, while in the past the US concentrated on the ability to fight two big wars simultaneously, the QDR suggests that's not enough. Now, the Obama administration posits the "need for a robust force capable of protecting US interests against a multiplicity of threats, including two capable nation-state aggressors. Now it's two-plus wars - the plus being the obligation to "conduct large-scale counter-insurgency, stability and counter-terrorism operations in a wide range of environments", mainly in small, poor countries like Afghanistan. Other "plus" targets include "non-state actors" such as al-Qaeda, "failed states" such as Somali, and medium-size but well-defended states that do not bend the knee to Uncle Sam, such as Iran or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and some day perhaps Venezuela."

Obama's Brave Nuke World (tags)

smoke and mirrors, not policy change

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