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Goodnight Midnight (tags)

Send off for MS books, Friday May 28th

WEDNES. 7 PM APRIL 21: Amy Goodman's 60 City Book Tour Hits LA (tags)

An Evening with Amy Goodman Host of Democracy Now! Presentations By Amy and her brother David Goodman with a Book Signing for their NEW Book The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them written by Amy Goodman acclaimed host of Pacifica Network’s Democracy Now! with David Goodman

Los Angeles Social Centers (tags)

This is a thread of photos mapping Los Angeles' Social Centers, or Cafes.

midnight special bookstore (tags)

just got this email -- please forward

Casa del Pueblo (tags)

A little photoshop trickery...

Borders in Hollywood (tags)

Welcome to Borders Hollywood. Midnight Special is closing down, so come on in.

Midnight Special leaves Promenade (tags)

After ten years on the Third Street Promenade, Midnight Special Bookstore is being forced to re-locate.

OUTLAW WOMAN at MS Books (tags)

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz at a reading of OUTLAW WOMAN: A MEMOIR OF THE WAR YEARS, 1960-1975 at the Midnight Special. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz became a founding member of the early women's liberation movement. Along with a small group of dedicated women, she produced the seminal journal series, No More Fun and Games. Dunbar-Ortiz was also a dedicated anti-war activist and organizer throughout the 1960s and 1970s. During the war years she was a fiery, indefatigable public speaker on issues of patriarchy, capitalism, imperialism, and racism.

Medea Benjamin Tonight at Youth Summit for Peace and Justice - (tags)

Come to the youth Summit for Peace and Justice at Calremont .... Harvey Mudd

COUPWATCH: Stop Thief! "Jews For Buchanan" Blows Whistle On Stolen Presidency (tags)

The author will be at Midnight Special tonight (Mon, 11/26) at 7 PM. Here's why you should care: Nichol's account makes it clear that Gore was robbed, but far more important, and more troubling, he shows that the American people and democracy itself was robbed. He leaves no doubt that the only reason Bush's selection was so easily accepted is the complete failure of America's corporate media to do anything remotely close to it's supposed job. Perhaps it's not too late to start yelling, "Stop, Thief!"

Strategic Resistance Organizing Conference- a look back (tags)

At the begining of August, the Strategic Resistance Congerence was held in Venice CA. With an invitation only guest-list of 200 activists from around the Americas, the conference focused on goals, sexism and white supremacy within the movement today. Larry George writes the inside scoop.

Midnight Special Publishes Legal Guide for Activists (tags)

The DC Midnight Special Law Collective has published a booklet of interest to activists.

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