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Sinking Free Speech, New Wars Recognized (tags)

After an 18 year coma in California after a federal series of billion dollar robberies i witnessed as a USA federal bank examiner at FDIC Many were killed raped maimed robbed. Loomis Sacramento Robbery 1999 of Sock Strategy Warfare you cant remember. LA fed injected me in 2001 before I could get an attorney. I was in fear in a coma.

Rob Us If You Must, But Socialism Scares Us (tags)

A possible explanation of why Americans are so complacent about being massively robbed by capitalists time after time.

Federal Inmate Says He Will Name Oklahoma Bombing Conspirators (tags)

Langan, who led a gang of neo-Nazis that robbed at least 22 banks in seven Midwestern states, said he will also tie the suspects to at least one other crime in which the government alleges Nichols was involved.


Since December 3 2001, when the "CORRALITO" in Argentina was imposed, not to say straight SWINDLE, arose a new graphical symbol in the world.

COUPWATCH: Stop Thief! "Jews For Buchanan" Blows Whistle On Stolen Presidency (tags)

The author will be at Midnight Special tonight (Mon, 11/26) at 7 PM. Here's why you should care: Nichol's account makes it clear that Gore was robbed, but far more important, and more troubling, he shows that the American people and democracy itself was robbed. He leaves no doubt that the only reason Bush's selection was so easily accepted is the complete failure of America's corporate media to do anything remotely close to it's supposed job. Perhaps it's not too late to start yelling, "Stop, Thief!"

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