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Pakistani Divorce and U.S. Immigration (tags)

Citizens from Pakistan divorce their spouses and come to the United States seeking U.S. citizenship. They present their divorce decrees to the Immigration offices. But can these decrees be recognized by the immigration authorities?

Implications of Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Amazon tribe’s unique fishing ritual could be their last (tags)

The Enawene Nawe tribe of Brazil have begun their unique annual fishing ritual, amid fears that the 80 dams planned for the Juruena river basin are destroying their fish.

Turkey’s Henchmen: Mass Media Butcher the Armenian Genocide (tags)

Good Lecture about Anarchism Today / Wobblies and Zapatistas (tags)

This is a pretty good lecture by Andrej Grubacic about the state of anarchism in America. I don't the racial and class criticism really applies to L.A., but other things are relevant. The main racial problem in L.A. is that POCs and women who have spearheaded many anarchist projects in the area are not recognized outside of the milieu, if they are recognized at all.


Scores of activist and advocates led by the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) in a community forum held last Wednesday night, March 4 in Historic Filipinotown. They recognized the crucial role of community organizations especially the People’s Community Organization for Reform and Empowerment (People’s CORE) who started the veterans struggle for equity 17 years ago and won some benefits including the lump sum in the Stimulus Law. The well attended community forum was held at the Community Hall of Search to Involve the Pilipino Americans (SIPA) in 3200 W. Temple St. Los Angeles. SIPA is one of the community organizations recognized that night.


This letter is in response to the column by Mr. Rodel Rodis that appeared in Philippines Today, Filam Star and Philippine News, and another by Senator Leland Yee in Manila Mail in the March 4-10 newspaper issue. Both writers much like leaders of the mendicant Philippine government herald the passage of the lump sum as a victory for the veterans in that their war service is now recognized, and that they finally got the benefits they deserve and fought for, for the last 63 years. Just what kind of recognition and victory did the veterans get? The word “recognition” in the text of the Section 1002 of the stimulus bill signed into law by President Barack Obama pertains exclusively for the purpose of issuing the lump sum. As soon as lump sum is issued, the recognition shall immediately disappear. Notice how the text was very clear in saying that the lump sum was a “compensation for human suffering.”— not a recognition of wartime heroism and valor. If the intention of this provision is to tax-exempt, then just say the lump sum is non-taxable, but without a condescending term as “human suffering.”

Rep. Colón Wants County D.A. To Investigate Possible Fraud (tags)

Credenciales USA targeted for investigation on allegations of fraud and misrepresentation

Kidnapped Panchen Lama's Birthday (tags)

April 25th is the Birthday of a little boy kidnapped by the Chinese government...perhaps a nice birthday present for him would be your signature on this petition...

UN rejects water as basic human right (tags)

OTTAWA - The Harper government can declare victory after a United Nations meeting rejected calls for water to be recognized as a basic human right.

Haiti: Aristide's Prime Minister arrested by Bush lackeys (tags)

Haiti's elected Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune, was imprisoned this week by the Bush-imposed coup leaders.

Pt 1 - Iraq Casualty Installation at Federal Building (tags)

West Los Angeles 3/18/04 --- Noble Peace Prize recognized American Friends Service Committee laid hundreds of boots depicting US military deaths on federal property. At the center of the "boot field" an eight foot high stack of shoes were placed to illustrate the 10,000-plus Iraqi civilian death

L.A. Gay Activist Expands Gay Marriage Battle (tags)

LA Gay Activist Rev. Troy Perry, the first Southern Californian to be legally married in Canada, to fight for us recognition.

Hot spots of resistance (tags)

Almost not recognized by the media, there is more resistance than they let us believe...

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