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UN Criminal Court: "Regardless of any military targets, Israel's means are criminal!" (tags)

Now, more than ever, we must prove together that international humanitarian law, the fundamental basis for human behavior in conflict, applies to all people and in all situations that my office and the Court deal with. In this way, we will concretely prove that the lives of all people are of equal value.

Month-long Gaza Protests in U.S. were the Largest Ever for Palestinian Rights (tags)

In an unprecedented outpouring of popular opposition to U.S. policy supporting the Israeli invasion of Gaza, a full month of nearly continuous protests brought tens of thousands into the streets. Arab American youths mobilized as never before. Even after Israel’s troop withdrawal, advocates for the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza vowed to continue the campaign until Israel lifts its blockade on the tiny territory.


In the fevered minds of Bush administration ideologues, Palestine has become another front in what they conceive of as a new Cold War against "Islamofascism."

Today in Palestine the 31st of march (tags)


Which Came First - Terrorism or "Occupation"? (tags)

Which Came First - Terrorism or "Occupation"?

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