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UN Commission Flotilla Massacre Report (tags)

state terror

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda (tags)

state terror

Israel Shooting and Electric-Shocking Palestinian Children (tags)

Israel torturing Palestinian children

The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda (tags)

Israeli repression

More on Washington's Failed Ecuadorean Coup Attempt (tags)

Correa knows Washington wants him ousted.

Guilty As Charged: UN Report on Gaza Flotilla Massacre (tags)

Israel rightfully condemned

Global BDS Against Israel Is Working (tags)

Israel fears delegitimization

Israeli Academic Freedom at Rish (tags)

israeli free expression endangered

Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran and Israel Mental (tags)

"The Israeli elite miscalculated utterly, and no mad scramble to control the damage will undo the deed or erase its consequences. Like the South African apartheid regime of the time, and segregation in the U.S., Israel’s 60-plus-year-old policy of discrimination, oppression, and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is finally being acknowledged worldwide as a moral obscenity that can no longer be tolerated."

Solidarity Online Petition with Gaza Flotilla victims and Palestine (tags)

The Bertrand Russell Tribunal Committee has an online petition to the people of the world condemning Israel's massacre of the Freedom Flotilla and the occupation of Palestine.

• 15 internationals killed as Israel attacks and hijacks Gaza Flotilla in International Wa (tags)

Up to 15 international human rights activists have been killed and over 30 others injured after Israeli commandos attacked the unarmed Gaza Freedom Flotilla early this morning in international waters, according to reports from the flotilla organisers, while Israeli military sources confirmed 10 dead. This attack is a clear breach of international law.

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