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Jeremy Corbyn v. David Cameron (tags)


Greek PM Calls Snap Elections (tags)


Greece: Approving Its Own Death Sentence (tags)


Entrapping Greece in Debt (tags)


Thoughts on New Year's Eve (tags)


Israel Replicates American Ruthlessness (tags)

police state

Hard Truths v. Obama Big Lies (tags)


2008 Redux? (tags)


Obama's Economy (tags)

class war

Obama's Rogue Agenda (tags)


Simpson-Bowles 2.0 (tags)

class war

Obama's Neoliberal Budget (tags)

class war

Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts (tags)

grand theft

Grand Theft Cyprus: Part II (tags)

class war

Detroit Symbolizes America's Decline (tags)

class war

Paul Ryan's At It Again (tags)

class war

Austerity When Stimulus Is Needed (tags)

class war

Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming (tags)

class war

Public Banking Works (tags)


Rage Against Austerity (tags)

class war

Thoughts at Perhaps the Most Perilous Time in World History (tags)


Hypocrisy not Democracy in America (tags)


Money Printing Madness (tags)

class war

Circus Shenanigans in Tampa (tags)


Social Justice on Trial in Canada (tags)


Ongoing Global Economic Crisis (tags)

class war

Don’t Let Them Get Away with the Murder of Julian Alexander...Turn Grief into Resistance (tags)

Another Young Black Man Killed by Police in Cold Blood


The failure of the U.S. government as well as the Israelis to talk with leaders of governments they disagree with underlines the acute paucity of diplomacy being exercised at the current time, which can only jeopardize in the long run the security of ordinary people both in the Middle East and in the United States. It is time for governments to listen to their people, to start talking and stop preaching.

This Land Is Your Land documnetary screening (tags)

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND shows that every person can make a difference, even when pitted against the enormous powers of big business. This funny and moving documentary criss-crosses the United States, interviewing experts and individuals about corporate influence on everyday life, hears how people feel their own lives have been affected, and looks at some of the brave, compelling and sometime hilarious ways in which individuals and communities are reacting.

On hooding (tags)

A few citations concerning the practice of hooding supposed terrorists, taken (with one exception) from John Conroy's excellent book _Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture_ (Berkeley: U of CA P, 2000). Rather than add further commentary, I have instead affixed a photograph of unknown origin -- and leave all commentary to the reader.

Storm the Media (tags)

I was thinking that maybe the media is very vulnerable to acts of civil disobedience. I was also thinking that major media is the most powerful weapon in the war against everyone.

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