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Urgent petition save graffiti memorial Carlo Giuliani & Davide Dax Cesare... (tags)

Milan, Italy In memory of Carlo Giuliani, murdered on July, 21th of 2001 during the repression of the protests against the G8 summit in Genova, has been realized in Milan a "No Justice, No Peace" graffiti.

Footage of Child Shot Erased by Associated Press (tags)

6-minute movie about the shooting of a 14-year-old boy. The Associated Press had footage of this boy screaming and bleeding. The footage was erased.

In three days 606 American myrmidons perished (tags)

A unfiltered Report never seen on patriotic lying american mass media

How the history of Mayday and women are being erased.. (tags)


Better dead as alive (tags)

Iraq/Suwayrah 29.11.2003:


It's even not easy to die for lying assholes far away from the frontline

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