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Albert Jacquard est mort (tags)

Et toute la charogne récupératrice...

Eroding Social Justice in Spain (tags)

class war

Attack on Democratic Traditions (tags)

The situation of the US public budget is really dramatic. This indebtedness is the result of excessive military spending and the neoliberal policy launched at the beginning of the 1980s. A progressive counter-movement in the form of a broad Obama coalition is emerging.

Mexico Honors Indians of the Past? (tags)

But the living descendants of Montezuma are not allowed to eat in some of Mexico City's best restaurants.

Black Slaves Could Not Own Guns (tags)

From Alex Jones' radio show.

Old Europe greets New America! (tags)

Message from germany: I am one of hundred thousands antiwar activists in germany. Lets join together in a worldwide movement against war and capitalism! Together we have the power to smash the plutocracy and her servants worldwide! Lets work together to end this bloody war!

L.A. County Civil Servants: BEWARE! (tags)

Liberal L.A. Civil Servants have been targeted for decades by right-wing groups, something needs to be done.


Much have been said about the bureaucracy...

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