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Hysteria in Suburbia (tags)

Our leading scholars are disciples of post-structuralism; our best college graduates are recruited by the CIA; our best newspapers blur the line between reporting and opinion; our most influential political actors are the spin doctors whose job is to bend the facts this way and that.

Say No To Waterboarder Gina Haspel And Trump (tags)

Reasons to ask senators to vote against waterboarding torturer Gina Haspel

Following Paris Terror Attacks, Only Three Things are Guaranteed (tags)

The immediate response to the terror attacks in France was one of blatant militarism. As Anti-Media reported earlier today, the French government has deployed 10,000 troops to patrol the streets of France.

Israel and Its Lobby Aim to Sabotage an Iranian Nuclear Deal (tags)


Kiev's Junta: Talking Peace, Waging War (tags)


UN Committee Against Torture Criticizes US Policy (tags)

police state

War Without Mercy Continues (tags)


New York Times War on Truth (tags)


Ukraine at War (tags)


Massacre in Odessa (tags)


Right Sector Thugs Attack Odessa Activists (tags)


Ukraine: Ground Zero for Possible WW III (tags)


Profile of a World Class Diplomat (tags)


Kiev Declares War (tags)


US Threatens Russia (tags)


Ukraine on the Brink (tags)


Obama Heads for War in Ukraine (tags)


Ukrainians Resist (tags)


Rand Paul v. NSA Spying (tags)


New NSA Revlations (tags)


FBI Lawless Unaccountability (tags)


John Kerry's Colin Powell's Moment (tags)


America's War on Yemen (tags)


Police State America in Good Hands with James Comey (tags)

police state

Spies "R" Us (tags)

police state

Sequester Chicken (tags)


Serial Killer Heads CIA (tags)


Whitewashing Extrajudicial Killing (tags)


Extrajudicial Killing: Official US Policy (tags)

police state

Obama Prioritizes Targeted Killings (tags)


2nd Drone Survey! Answer 5 Questions! January 27, 2013 (tags)

President Barack Obama is Commander in Chief of the United States Military. The Central Intelligence Agency is NOT part of the United States Military; but, the C.I.A. is ordering the deployment of most of the missile strikes from un-manned computer controlled Drones. Therefore, under whose authority are these strikes taking place? If the United Nations investigation, which is currently going on, proves that the U.S.A. committed "war crimes", then does President Obama avoid responsibility for authorization of these drone strikes under Separation of Powers clause in the U.S. Constitution?

Obama Picks Jack Lew for Treasury (tags)

class war

The Shortwave Report 01/11/13 Listen Globally! (tags)

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, China Radio International, NHK Japan, Radio Havana Cuba, and the Voice of Russia.

Hagel and Brennan Nominations (tags)


Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized (tags)


Drone Wars (tags)


Obama's Disposition Matrix (tags)

police state

Drones: Instruments of State Terror (tags)


Murder Inc: Official Obama Policy (tags)


Staged Bin Laden Killing Hokum (tags)

false flag

America's War on Islam: New Republican Offensive Planned (tags)

Republican witch-hunts planned

Obama's National Security Strategy: A New Direction or Continuity (tags)

Obama's agenda assures permanent war

Obama's War Cabinet (tags)

plan for continued wars

Jeremy Scahill: 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House (tags)

U.S. policy is not about one individual, and no matter how much faith people place in President-elect Barack Obama, the policies he enacts will be fruit of a tree with many roots. Among them: his personal politics and views, the disastrous realities his administration will inherit, and, of course, unpredictable future crises. But the best immediate indicator of what an Obama administration might look like can be found in the people he surrounds himself with and who he appoints to his Cabinet. And, frankly, when it comes to foreign policy, it is not looking good.

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