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Media Uses Hazing Instead of Rape in Football Locker Room Attacks (tags)

The scandal in Sayreville, NJ involving forced sodomy of young football players is being covered up at home by football fanatic parents and downplayed by the media. The media's term "hazing" is misapplied while ignoring the sexual nature of the crimes included forced sodomy. The cultural cover-up by football fanatics reeks of fascism on the local level while the media's downplay of words indicates nationalist fascism of football's Holy Grail.

Stem Cells from Cancer Tumors (tags)

cancer farm usa.


In just over one weeks time, on the 26th of October, 2004, a young man will go on trial accused of Earth Liberation Front activity. If found guilty of all the charges placed against him, this young man faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 35 years imprisonment.


Censorship At Indymedia depends on which computer you submit your story to. One computer is particularly bad (and I mean its systems administrators, or whoever, really censor heavily). Many European Indy sites,, and are on this machine (which seems to be located on Unites States East Coast).

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