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planning meeting

SCIC Planning Meeting to Protest ABC's "Homeland Security USA" (tags)

Let's organize against this racist "reality" show

South Central Farm Supporters at the July 2nd 2008 Planning Meeting. (tags)

Be the Media! Here the audio for your-self and you judge. LA you decide... a polluting warehouse or a open green space. Hear what transpired at the hearing.


ANTI WAR ACTION BREAKAWAY AT ANTI WAR DEMO IN HOLLYWOOD ON FEB 15th Die Ins And Street Theatre. Planning Meeting at Luna Sol.

Next Planning meeting for Anarchist Anti-War Conference (tags)


IAC Sept.29 Planning Meeting this Wednesday (tags)

Now is the time for all people of conscience to join together. If you believe in civil liberties for all, if you oppose the scapegoating of our sister and brother communities, if you oppose war, join us on September 29th in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

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