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Paraphysique de la violence restreinte et généralisée (tags)

Violences visibles et invisibles...

Paraphysique de violence restreinte et généralisée (tags)

La violence est partout chez elle...


The Americans don't know the USA as they would owe.

Capital Fears: US Corporations Threaten Investment Restrictions (tags)

Qualitative growth is an alternative to quantita-tive growth. Our culture rich in things is poor in soul. Instead of welcoming criticism, we make competition and inequality into dogmas, normalize war and militarize foreign policy.

Scene Set for the Clash of Civilizations (tags)

Islamic nations goaded into position to be attacked again. Will terror provocations be used to invoke police state? What price will be exacted for centuries of ignoring how war pretexts are fabricated? Late-breaking and long-term developments in Iran, Palestine and the United States seem to point to a present risk of catastrophic nuclear war.

Israel's wild destruction in Rafah, Palestine (tags)

The Israeli occupation army has destroyed dozens of civilian homes in Rafah, at the southern tip of the Gaza Strip.

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