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Katrina Redux (tags)

Militarizing New Orleans and making it whiter.

New Orleans: Who Stole Fortier High School? (tags)

How does a historically black high school get turned into predominantly white elite charter school? Alcee Fortier High School in New Orleans is a symbol of everything wrong in New Orleans today.

Cop beating caught on camera (tags)

Cops beat down 64 yr old black man then beat down AP news producer who video taped the beating.

Who's to blame for Katrina response? Bush supporters try to lie their way out of this one! (tags)

Right-wing spin doctors add insult to injury!

News Junkie Scott's Blog (9/10/05) (tags)

New Orleans: the specter of military dictatorship

Portrait of Incompetence, Mayor Nagin (tags)

The incompetent fool Nagin, only now orders people removed from New Orleans.

News Junkie Scott's Blog (9/9/05) (tags)

The unexplained crack in the concrete-reinforced New Orleans seawall

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