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Hemp Replace Oil By 90% (tags)

Hemp and small rubber trees can replace oil by 90% -

Kerry and Abbas Conspire Against Palestinians (tags)


Horrific treatment of Amazon Indians exposed 100 years ago today (tags)

30,000 Amazon Indians were enslaved, tortured, raped and starved in just 12 years during the rubber boom, according to a historic report submitted by Irish investigator Roger Casement, 100 years ago today.

9:55 pm - Rampart Firing Rubber Bullets! (tags)

John Pedro Morales ATTN: If you are near Pico/Union, LAPD is firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the community protesting the senseless killing of Guatemalan immigrant worker.

Community Organizers Demand the Resignation of Chief Bratton. (tags)

Video: Police Attack Fleeing Demonstrators on Alvarado May 1 (tags)

New video showing demonstrators, including disabled persons and small children, fleeing up Alvarado toward Sixth as police fire rubber bullets into their midst.

Police Attack Peaceful May Day Rally (tags)

LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2007 – A massive police attack on a peaceful rally in MacArthur Park brought a violent end to yesterday’s May Day celebrations.

Police Assault on Today's Immigrant Rights Demonstration (tags)

Police made a completely unprovoked attack on demonstrators at the tail end of today's immigrant rights demonstration in MacArthur Park (Video and still images).

Police Riot on Peaceful Protest (tags)

Police shoot tear gas and rubber bullets into Immigrants Rights March

From Bil'in to Birmingham: A Missing Link in Support for Palestinian Human Rights (tags)

One of the latest in the long series of unpublicized Israeli attacks on civilians took place on August 25 in the West Bank village of Bil'in, a longstanding bastion of nonviolent Palestinian resistance. It occurred during the weekly protest against the Israeli de-facto-boundary wall being constructed in their midst. About 100 protestors -- Palestinian, Israeli and international activists -- were walking to the site of the wall when, without provocation, soldiers in riot gear waded in and began clubbing demonstrators and firing rubber bullets at close range.

Shocking Video: Protestor Shot With Rubber Bullets (tags)

Shocking Video: Protestor Shot With Rubber Bullets     view video:

No cause for concern.... (tags)

Condoms have been shown by no less than 138 studies (reviewed by 38 FDA experts) to be 'no proven protection against stds' but little has been released to the public about there life threatening dangers. However the trade and medical press is filled with new reports of the massive health risk from internal exposure to vulcanized latex. Here are a few of the problems the condom user faces.

Natural is best (tags)

Seems that 'safe sex' was really very unsafe sex. The new slogan should be: - With a glove, it's NOT love.

A Tale of Two Kings (tags)

Colonialism changes form, but continues unabated as it has for over five hundred years. While reading King Leopold's Ghost, I was impressed by the similarity between the fabrications and lies Leopold used to justify his actions with those used by George W. Bush to justify the Iraq war. The economic motivation and incredible hypocrisy of both men are also similar.

LAPD wants to ban ski masks from demonstrators’ wardrobes (tags)


To those on the left blaming anarchist for the police brutality in Miami (tags)


Liberia, Junk Bonds, and Rubber (tags)


Politically Incorrect (tags)

It is politically correct to advocate condoms but every day the evidence increases that they do little to protect and may pose a very serious health risk. It is hard for the CDC and FDA to examine these risks as they have been so vocal in promoting condoms but could their silence lead to dire consequences. I for one having done exaustive research strongly feel so.

Colombian police fire tear gas on anti-war protesters who burn tires, U.S. flag (tags)

BOGOTA, Colombia - Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into a crowd of more than 1,500 demonstrators Thursday who tried to march on the U.S. Embassy in Colombia to protest the war in Iraq (news - web sites). No serious injuries were reported.

dnc lawsuit (tags)

We are looking for plaintiffs who were shot with rubber bullets or hit with batons on August 14, 2000 by the LAPD after the Rage Against the Machine Concert at the Staples Center. We are trying to collect damages for people who were injured by the Police.

Not William Bratton for LAPD (tags)

I am aware of the fact that the Metropolitan Police of Caracas have a black history for many years in violations of human rights. It is worth stressing that for almost two years the Metropolitan Police agents have been trained by United States agents belonging to the Bratton Group (headed by former New York and Boston police commissioner William Bratton). This "security" corps acts under the command of Mayor Alfredo Peña, who is a bitter opponent of the Chávez government and the social reforms that this government has implemented.


December 20: The day which we threw out a president from the streets of Buenos Aires.

just got back from O22, some observations+opinon (tags)

A quickie take on the day.

every activist needs one ... (tags)

Rubber bullets have been proven to be fatal, NUMERIOUS times. Ignoring the fact that they say you're not supposed to shoot them directly at people, the pigs shoot people in the chest, neck, head, legs, eye, arms, back ..etc. These weapons which shoot rubber bullets, and rubber blocks, have left demonstrators with penetrating wounds, perminate damage, broken bones..etc. Protect yourself, and your comrades when demonstrating. Carry shields! And take back our streets!

America Did this to itself. (tags)

It is the last thing the "Flock" wants to admit. Why? Because arab terrorists are an easy target. Kind of like Hiroshima.

"Rubber" bullet used by LBPD - for real. (tags)

Long Beach May Day protester shows a "rubber" bullet fired by the LBPD. In fact the bullet is made from very hard plastic. (N.B. In a previous attempt to post this photo, I indicated it was fired by the LAPD. I apologize to LA's finest as I'm sure they would never resort to police brutality.)

Protester shows LAPD "rubber" bullet (tags)

Long Beach May Day protester shows "rubber" bullet fired by LAPD. In fact, the bullet is made from hard plastic.

Rubber Bullet (tags)

A rubber bullet used by police on May Day in Long Beach.

LAPD attacks protesters at anti-police brutality march. (tags)

A short first hand news account of the LAPD's violence at today's anti-police brutality protest.

Police Attack Protesters at Parker Center (tags)

A short personal report from the demonstrations.

"OUCH!" (tags)

One demonstrator displays his LAPD inflicted wounds.

LA Times Article re: LAPD Undercover OPeratives (tags)

What if LAPD undercover "scouts" masterminded the throwing incident Monday night?

Rubber Meets the Back (tags)

ABC Good Morning America correspondent Don Dahler took four rubber ones in the back Monday when police fired at protesters outside the Democratic meeting. He has some golf ball-size welts to show for it. Rubber bullets “definitely motivate a person to move,” he says. (USA Today)

'Class War' (tags) exclusive 'What Do We Want? Class War.' L.A. Cops Fire Rubber Bullets at Protesters Itching for a Fight by Joshua Clover

Rubber Bullet Wound (tags)

This man was shot in the back with a rubber bullet by police after leaving the Rage Against the Machine concert outside the Democratic Convention

Rubber Bullet (tags)

A rubber bullet recovered from outside Democratic Convention after police fired at people leaving Rage Against the Machine performance. (Quarter included for scale)

Cops Attack after Rage Against the Machine (tags)

A whole new painful world of policing protesters is fully in effect in U.S. cities only months after it seemed so strange and brutal in Seattle.

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