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police can riot all they please (tags)

police riot (again) at macarthur park in los angeles

minute men (tags)

My article is about minute men and how they need to stop watching people are crossing the border thats why we have border patrol.

Racism? (tags)

Thoughts of the day! Viva La Everyone!

Anti-war Protest in Hollywood (tags)

Hollywood's citizens protest gets ugly marred by police brutality!

Insider's secrets of the mass media (tags)

These memo's show how the mass media really works, how badly the war is really going and how the public is lied to and manipulated by what's not reported

dont blame me? (tags)

I am fed up with all the spoiled little union workers attitudes.

jury returns verdict! (tags)


Look for archives, to show thier lies (tags)

Well there boys and girls out in Indymedia land, its time to take on a thankless and tiring job of scouring the archives and showing the shills what they said "back in the day".

Which will happen first? FInd the WMD or Invade Iran? (tags)

What do you guys think? Will we find the Weapons of Mass Destruction first, or will we invade Iran first?

And they say it not like Viet Nam (followup) (tags)

BALAD, Iraq, June 14 -- An attack on Iraqis here by U.S. troops after an American tank patrol was ambushed Friday morning killed seven people, not 27 as initially reported, U.S. military officials said today, and Iraqi witnesses said five of the dead were not involved in the ambush.

Supporting the troops (tags)

I heard a report that American Soldiers that are forced to fight a war they don't want to, are refusing to fight and would rather be court marshalled.

WATCH OUT for the WORDS!!! (tags)

Watch out for these words on CORPORATE MEDIA!!!

NBC 4 needs to be taught a lesson (tags)

The christian FLEX appeal.

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