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Christian Zionists Encourage Military-Industrial Complex Never Ending War (tags)

The Zionists in Israel and the U.S. (Christian Zionists) are encouraging the proliferation of the military-industrial complex with their escalation of religious warfare against the occupied Palestinians. The AIPAC lobby and military weapons contractors give campaign contributions to both Democrats and Republicans, making both status quo political parties of the U.S. puppets of greedy individuals bent on never ending warfare with soldiers and civilians paying the ultimate price with their lives.

Derechos Humanos, Tema Prohibido (tags)

El tema Derechos Humanos, obviamente, no figur├│ en la agenda tratada por el obispo Fernando Lugo con su compa├▒ero de Trabajo George W. Bush.

War Powers Abuses (tags)

Discussion of specifics regarding FBI's abuse of power.

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