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Brutality as a permanent character trait (tags)

In our CJS violent brutality by enforcers reflect the character of the actors.

America's National Security State (tags)


Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process Hypocrisy (tags)


Israelis Vote (tags)


Permanent Afghanistan Occupation Planned (tags)


To those who are about to die (tags)

a peaceful weekend from a drunk

Out-thinking them, not out-fighting them: heart analysis sheds decisive light (with art) (tags)

Visionaries, 'idealists', and others daring towards their desires must move beyond shared powerless feelings. We are here for a reason, we have created and are creating our crucial projects. Understandings of reality and its origin are the keys to open the illusively impossible doors of fear and perpetual, everyday war. This article, with art included, goes over important truths while escaping 'Us vs. Them' constructs and at the same time promoting spirited *resistance consciousness*!

K-Town 911 @ Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Sat, Sept 10 (tags)

speakers and political performers reflect on 911 and Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

que viva bolivia (tags)

Evo Morales, an Aymara Indian and a leader of the coca-growers union in Bolivia,....

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