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partisan backing for US escalation in Afghanistan (tags)

Are you still registered Democrat? 100% of the US Senate, Democrats and Republicans together, voted to approve the war criminal General Petreaus to make war to steal the oil and other minerals from the Caspian Sea and Afghanistan, and encircle Russia and China, the former being the biggest mineral prize of all, all at the behest of Democrat Pres Obama.

A MOM'S FYI: & the U.S. Military Industrial Congressional Complex (tags)

Why did 23 U.S. 'DEMOCRATIC' Senators vote in favor of denouncing MoveOn.Org for its advertisement questioning the credibility of General Petreaus?



72 against Bush (tags)

The Karbala battle was over 1,000 years ago. Why waste our boys on another?

Die for a lie (tags)

ready or not here i come

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