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Comunicado urgente acerca del Concurso “Descubra al Héroe”: (tags)

Como es ya de público conocimiento, el canal RCN de Colombia (*) ha dado a conocer un video donde se muestran partes de la preparación de la secretísima “Operación Jaque”.


Ciertos asesores políticos extranjeros en México venden los secretos de anteriores campañas electorales al mejor postor: van con quien los contrate más allá de toda ideología o fidelidad partidista.

Zionism as Jewish National Socialism (tags)

There is a law in Israel, passed in 1985, which forbids political parties to openly oppose the principle of a Jewish state. Neither are they allowed to work for a change of this principle through democratic means. A party so doing will be banned from elections to the Knesset. Democracy is thus denied to those citizens - even Jews - who wish to work within the parliamentary system towards replacing the Jewish state with a secular state which represents all its citizens' equal rights regardless of religion or ethnic origin.

The Wall Street Gang (tags)

How many know the truth about the scam called wall street???

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