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Brad Will (tags)

Brad Will - USA's Che Guevara

CNN Protest in Hollywood (tags)

Activist slam CNN over Iraq War Coverage. If I see one more retired general or get one more briefing on “feel good bombs”, I’ll puke!

Statement of the Disobedients' Lock-In in Seville (tags)

Manifesto produced by the disobedients presently locked into a church in Seville to support and draw attention to the lock-in and hunger strike of immigrants in that city.

Phil Ochs - One More Parade (tags)

Phil Ochs. American Folksinger, Troubador, Activist, Brother, Comrade... the best this country ever produced. If you don't know his works, then seek them out. The songs of Phil Ochs are as timely as ever... they'll make you angry, make you laugh and cry, and give you strength to create a new world. Forget the corporate clowns like Bono, discover a true giant... Phil Ochs lives!

One More for the Junk Pile (tags)

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