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Is There A Way You Can Please Get Hurt? (tags)

For anyone going through harassment, it can be the most isolating and trying experience. If sustained for long enough, it has a way of driving home the point that when it comes down to it in this world we come in alone and go out alone. Even those we consider to be the best of friends may make a swift exit if the heat and pressure get intense enough. It will test what you're made of without a doubt.

Figure It Out (tags)

An art exhibition featuring over 20 exceptional artist from LA.

USA The Movie features voices of Los Angeles Indymedia (tags)

Our voices of protest will never be forgotten...

Posters for M19 -- SAY SOMETHING (tags)

New posters just in time for M19: IF YOU SEE WAR CRIMES, SAY WAR CRIMINAL

10-14-03 Poll: U.S. discontent increasing (tags)

Solid majorities of Americans support changes in the nation's political system, want the power to recall elected officials and are angry about the way some things are going in this country

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